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Field Report Vol. I- Oaks Bottom (Instrumental) Minimal Feeding Flock (Instrumental) 1:32

Arps Electronic Negentropy 3:48

Odyssey Electronic Investigation 2:01

Folkways Folk and Americana All The Pretty Horses 1:17

Bird Watching- Piano Preludes Minimal Stellar's Jay 2:16

Indie Folk Folk and Americana Bagd 1:59

Field Report Vol. III- Steigerwald Lake (Instrumental) Cinematic Mount Hood View (Instrumental) 3:00

Joyful Pop Good Vibes Overflow 3:04

Solo Instruments Minimal Geneology 1:48

Evolver Indie Pop Lollygag 2:44

Panoramic / Ambient Ambient Sad Cyclops 2:53

Bright Corners Cinematic Corps Of Discovery 2:42

Background Indie Pop The Dirt 2:19

Tender Cinematic Fragile, Do Not Drop 4:20

Driving Indie Pop Hundy Tight 2:34

Curious Minimal Odd Wand 2:34

Dance Dance Wednesday Night Flavor 2:44

Curious Electronic Twirp Posse 0:52

Rainy Folk and Americana Alphabet Soup 2:02

Piano I Minimal Surface Tension 1 1:49

Uplifting Indie Pop Lode Runner 2:11

Fest Indie Pop Red Wing 1:21

Said Lion To Lamb Electronic Dragonslayer 6:34

Daydream Minimal Feather 0:50

Brooding Cinematic Running On Empty 1:57

Electronic Electronic Transit Center 1:04

Solo Instruments Minimal Detroit 3:16

Electronic Electronic Irish Club 2:02

Bird Watching- Piano Preludes Minimal Turkey Vulture 1:23

Make-out Music Electronic Fragile, Do Not Drop 4:20

Piano IV - Cinematic Minimal Storm Passing 1:16

Passages Indie Pop The Confrontation 2:23

Yearning Cinematic Lazy River 1:33

Motion Indie Pop Life And Times 2:49

Solo Electric Piano Minimal Cirrus 1:35

Joyful Indie Pop Pippi 1:09

Daydream Minimal In And Out 1:16

Grit Slowjams Bad Cut 1:23

Nocturnes Minimal Nocturne Op 9 No 1 5:59

Dance Dance Lip Gloss 1:44

Piano I Minimal Surface Tension 2 1:21

Carefree Indie Pop Quatrefoil 1:01

Field Report Vol. III- Steigerwald Lake (Instrumental) Cinematic Breeze On The Meadow (Instrumental) 2:38

Bon Voyage Electronic 60's Quiz Show 2:09

Panoramic / Ambient Cinematic Beachhead 1:32

Thoughtful Cinematic Fading Prospects 1:53

Positive Soul Chipper Dan 2:27

Reflective Minimal Minor Stretch 2:08

Piano IV - Cinematic Minimal Winter Walk 1:44

Duets Minimal Constellation 1:03